The guy was very stressed studying, his girlfriend went there to help him relax

72   4 months ago
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72   4 months ago

The pressure of studying for his upcoming exams had taken a toll on the young man. He was exhausted and stressed, feeling like his brain was about to explode from all the information he had to memorize. As he sat at his desk, trying to make sense of his notes, he couldn't help but feel overwhelmed and anxious. Just when he thought he couldn't take it anymore, there was a knock on the door. His girlfriend had come over to check on him, knowing how stressed he had been lately. As soon as he saw her, he felt a sense of relief wash over him. She gave him a warm hug and asked him how he was doing. He poured out his frustrations to her, and she listened patiently, offering words of encouragement and support. She suggested they take a break and do something to help him relax. She pulled up some funny videos on her phone and they laughed together, the tension slowly melting away. As they sat on the couch, she pulled him closer to her and they cuddled while watching the videos. He couldn't help but think how lucky he was to have such a caring and understanding girlfriend. She then suggested they do something more physical to release the stress, and he eagerly agreed. They started with a game of Twister, which turned into a tickle fight, and eventually led to some steamy make-out sessions. In that moment, he forgot all about his exams and just focused on enjoying the moment with his girlfriend. She knew exactly how to make him feel better and he was grateful for her presence. As they lay in each other's arms, he realized that she was his ultimate stress reliever and he was so grateful to have her by his side.
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